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ArcanaFactor.org is web-representation of Ombio Films Company – an independent research organization established in 2013 and registered in Moscow, Russia – OOO Ombio, and in Nevada, USA – Ombio Inc. Enjoy reading the materials of the expeditions to the places of ancient civilizations in South America!

About us

Our team consists of the professionals – each in their own field – united by a single idea and joint enthusiasm.

We've known each other for many years. Together we took part in different projects and now we'd like to touch upon the issues and the areas of research that require a rather careful, deliberate and thoughtful approach.

The implementation of our projects is a journey. One can say that this is a journey to other worlds, other realities and other times... It's a great art to bring the feelings, ideas and images of other people from other epochs and cultures into the modern life, to make them clear and accessible to the most diverse groups of modern people.


Our work, among others, is a  manifestation of our gratitude to life, for the opportunity to be on this Earth, for the gifts of teachings that we have received from many people, for the gained experience and for the luck and blessing to be here.

We hope to find a large number of like-minded people and to create an open space for sharing knowledge, not only on the topics of our research, but in many other similar areas.

We accumulated materials for another two years of work and for a few more films. It's already next year that we  plan to organize a new expedition.


Igor Alekseev, CEO of Ombio Inc.:

"Several years ago, during a trip to Peru my attention was caught by the Nazca lines. It's an immense area of the desert that is criss-crossed with a gigantic hand. It turned out that this impressive phenomenon yet had no accountable explanation…
Peru and all of the South America is considered to be the paradise for archaeologists and the hell for historians - almost every year there emerge new findings that make the whole of the existing historical paradigm change…
And an idea appeared - why not to have a look at these mysteries from the point of view of the today's common sense. Why not to look at these from the perspective of a common person who, on the one hand, lives in the world of high-tech and the information revolution, in the epoch of quantum mechanics and the dark matter, and on the other - who is able to perceive and to be aware of the uniqueness, fragility and unfathomable nature of the living world around us…"



Evgeny Egorov

Evgeny Egorov, President of Ombio Inc.:

"It's an interesting feeling when I recognize myself as an adult man, a father, a leader, a manager, a full-fledged person who has already gained some life experience and got his lessons learnt, who has his dreams and creative aspirations. There arises a wish to accomplish something that one the one hand would be dear to my heart, and on the other would allow me to implement all the knowledge and experience gained in an in-depth project which would be interesting and useful to other people.
The film production was selected not by chance. By means of video one can transmit and communicate such feelings and insights, such perception that one can call not otherwise but "the touch of spirit".
We want to be fair and objective in our work and research, that is why we are very happy to receive your feedback and appreciate your participation in the research discussions on our Forum."


Natalia Vanisaguriya

Natalia Vanigasuria, screenwriterand film director:

"What can be more interesting than the mysteries of our ancestors? Is there anything more engulfing than the secrets of the Earth and the outer Space?! Starting from the earliest times Man was striving to find answers to the multiple questions that had no explanation. However, it is not that easy to even utter some of those questions. Everything around is so well-known and established… The most engaging and entertaining job for me is to create films – films that urge to think, that are full of inspiring ideas, that present something which may seem boring or dull to a common person – but to produce them in a way where the cognition process would become captivating and engaging, when one would feel the ultimate drive of it.
When I got to the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography, the Department of Science Fiction Film Directing, I was dreaming exactly about this – to create and participate in projects like the one that I do now together with my wonderful friends".

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