"The geoglyphs of Nazca. Another view" documentary

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We have started the production of our new documentary about the geoglyphs of Nazca, where one could watch visual information about the results of our research, and most interesting photo and video material. We'll try to illuminate the theme in such a fashion that will concentrate the watcher's attention on truly unusual aspects and put aside all the popular myths.

Most of the work already done. We organized two expeditions to Peru, did studies, collected material, made conclusions. Much of what we want to show in the movie about Nazca was described in the video-lecture on our website. But the available video has a more technical nature – was shooted not for a movie and for further learning. Lack of visual material, interviews. Therefore we are preparing a next trip to Peru for more filming. On the tasks is to conduct a deeper analysis of the Nazca lines with the use of computer graphics and 3D modeling.

We plan to apply quadrocoper for shooting from the air, which would greatly enhance the perception and awareness of the purpose of the Nasca lines, it will provide a unique photo and video material.

This documentary will be released in Full HD on DVD and BlueRay in English, Spanishand Russian. The movie can be ordered and delivered by mail or downloaded from a link subject to prepayment.

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Project on www.boomstarter.ru

Expeditions, movies shooting projects and the production of documentaries are quite resource-intensive. We are looking for additional opportunities of financing – that's why we launched the project on BOOMSTARTER – Russian сrowdfunding platform. We will be very grateful for all the support thisproject!

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The destruction of geoglyphs

One more reason to do this work – an irreplaceable geoglyphs damage crippled by people activity is something what pushed us to make this film. Well-known fact that construction of Pan-American highroad destroyed patterns of giant lizard figure.

Today Government secures Nazca plateau and destruction of most geoglyphs is in the past. However, there some geoglyphs remains unsecured. We cannot predict if geoglyphs are on the projected construction’s scheme. Nazca town is located down the river valley with large number of geoglyphs and there is no way to stop the demolition.

Unfortunately, the nature causes damage to geoglyphs too, located in Ica town are blizzard with sand-storms. In 2009, a heavy rains harmed figure (Heavy Rains Damage Peru's Nazca Lines): Cool Science News, The Telegraph.

Authorities in Peru is very sensitive to the antiquities, but unfortunately the process of destruction, though very slow, inevitable.

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