Band of holes

  • Published on Monday, 02 February 2015 07:00
  • Written by Igor Alekseev

p18-00В 40 километрах от перуанского Писко, в глубь континента, у деревушки Юмай находится загадочный объект, который обычно называют "полоса отверстий" (band of holes).

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"The geoglyphs of Nazca. Another view" documentary

  • Published on Thursday, 03 April 2014 14:00
  • Written by Evgeny Egorov

nazca boom

We have started the production of our new documentary about the geoglyphs of Nazca, where one could watch visual information about the results of our research, and most interesting photo and video material. We'll try to illuminate the theme in such a fashion that will concentrate the watcher's attention on truly unusual aspects and put aside all the popular myths.

Most of the work already done. We organized two expeditions to Peru, did studies, collected material, made conclusions. Much of what we want to show in the movie about Nazca was described in the video-lecture on our website. But the available video has a more technical nature – was shooted not for a movie and for further learning. Lack of visual material, interviews. Therefore we are preparing a next trip to Peru for more filming. On the tasks is to conduct a deeper analysis of the Nazca lines with the use of computer graphics and 3D modeling.

We plan to apply quadrocoper for shooting from the air, which would greatly enhance the perception and awareness of the purpose of the Nasca lines, it will provide a unique photo and video material.

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The lecture 'The geoglyphs of Nazca'

  • Published on Wednesday, 15 May 2013 16:00
  • Written by Igor Alekseev

130515 igor lecture

Based on the materials of the trips of 2011-2012.

"The origin of civilizations" lecture hall, exhibition center "Creativity", Moscow

Igor Alekseev, May 15 2013

The western coast of South America. 40 km from the ocean there is located the plateau of Nazca. In the beginning of the XX century when airplane flights over this area began, the unusual lines were first discovered. Previously, the lines were never mentioned neither by the chroniclers, nor by the historians. The lines were first discovered solely from the plane and this is when attention to the issue began to grow.

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The Nazcan figures – computer graphics?

  • Published on Monday, 29 April 2013 20:00
  • Written by Igor Alekseev

nazca c00

Nezavisimaya gazeta, Igor Alexeev, September 28, 2011

Nowadays there’s hardly a person who wouldn’t have heard about the lines and the drawings in the desert of Nazca. Thousands of perfectly straight and incredibly large truncated triangles, enormous amount of accurate spirals and unusual in design drawings were carved in the times immemorial at the surface of the desert and at the flat highlands near the Peruvian town of Nazca. They can only be seen from a great height. This notion remains to be a mystery for almost one century now (the official discovery of the Nazca lines dates back to 1927). All of the existing hypotheses, including the official taking stand on the religious-ritual origin, do not provide an exhaustive explanation of this phenomenon.

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