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The documentary "The geoglyphs of Nazca. Other view»

We have started production of a new documentary about the Nazca lines, where the most interesting photo and video materials of our research will be compiled and presented in the visual form. Next trip to Peru is planned on this summer for additional survey, more detailed analysis of geoglyphs using computer graphics and 3D modeling. For additional financing we launched the project on BOOMSTARTER – Russian service of crowdfunding. We will be very grateful for everybody for support of this project!

The documentary "The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman" 

At the beginning of July 2012 the Ministry of Culture of Peru invited a group of Russian geophysicists to research the issues dealing with the soil of the archaeological complex of Sacsayhuaman. In the course of completing this task there were collected interesting historic and archaeological data and a substantial amount of photo and video materials that were provided the basis for production of this movie. After successful project on Boomstarter.ru the documentary was released in Russian and you can view it now in the opened access on our YouTube channel. We plan to translate the movie into English and Spanish.

The sky is calling

Part of the preparation of the expedition to Peru is assembling and debugging of copters for aero shooting. Quadrocopter and hexacopter are ready and tested. In this chapter we will post video clips (on our YouTube channel) and photo reportages (on Google+ page) about our training flights. Because we are not just 'flying', but try to capture the most beautiful places and mount interesting video – we are really hope you enjoy waching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel! Please, send us your impressions! :)