Several directions of our research


At the moment we are focused on the following projects:

1. Production of the documentaries "The living stones of Sacsayhuaman" and "The geoglyphs of Nazce. Another view"

It's a very complex and interesting work. At first, movies production itself is a complicated and time consuming endeavor. Secondly, in this documentaries we are trying to give the viewers a chance to experience something that may be hard to come across in the everyday life...
We have collected a lot of photo and video materials. Most likely, we will release them on DVD and BlueRay disks as a supplement to the documentaries.
We launched a project at This will enable us to attract additional funding for film production.

2. Processing the materials after expeditions

We undertook an expedition in Baalbek, Lebanon, in early of April.
We plan to publish several new interesting articles and add a lot of photos in our PHOTOBANK.

3. Launch of the web-site. This website is an information resource of our company. Together with this we plan to launch the Forum for all those who take interest in the ancient civilizations, the history of the mankind and the research in these domains.

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