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  • Sacsayhuaman

    The georadar and the geochemical research of archaeological complex Sacsayhuaman, Cusco, Peru, July 2012.                                            
  • The geoglyphs of Nazca

    The three-dimensional graphics and the Bezier curves embodied by the unknown ancient  architects in the mysterious geoglyphs.                  
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In the beginning of July 2012, under the guidance of the Ministry of Culture of Peru a group of geophysicists from Geo & Asociados SRL was called-off to research the current problem of Sacsayhuaman. The selection of the company was not by accident as the experts of this research company possess the technology of georadar scanning, that was developed in the Russian institute VNIISMI, and which has no analogy in the world. The georadars of “Loza” series allow exploring the geologic structure of land till the level of 200 meters below the ground surface. Such georadar researches allow the experts of VNIISMI to detect the areas of high humidity, the fissures in rock formations, crust fractures, underground objects, etc.

It was very interesting science research and you can read more: Georadar research of Sacsayhuaman archaeological complex.

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