About Ombio Films company


Ombio Films Company is an independent research organization that was found in 2013 and is registered as OOO Ombio in Moscow, Russia, and Ombio Inc. in Nevada, USA.

Our main activities at the moment are:
– organization of the research tours to the places of historical importance in South America, production of photo and video materials, collection, systematization and independent interpretation of the data related to the ancient civilizations and the adjacent issues which still preserve the status of “blank pages” in the official science
– production of the documentaries based on the results of own expeditions and own research, performed in cooperation with the different experts from the manifold spheres of knowledge and conducted at the junction of many disciplines, thus embracing a wider view on the subject than that of the traditionally accepted in the modern scientific circles
– publication of the materials of these expeditions and research on www.arcanafactor.org, in media and in scientific resources.

We love our planet Earth. We believe that life on Earth is a miracle and the world around us is diverse and amazing. The human history accounts approximately 2 million years. But it is the last 10 000 years when the human civilization has made a tremendous leap forward. Many nations made their valuable and sometimes unthinkable input into this development and evolution. Understanding this, we study our heritage with gratitude and care, paying tribute to the job, creativity and achievements of the ancient people in the course of generating this world.

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