Our new Boomstarter project overview

nazca boomWE STARTED OUR PROJECT – production of new documentary "The geoglyphs of Nazca. Another view"!

We already realeased documentary "The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman" (in two languages – English and Russian).

Movies shooting projects and the production of documentaries are quite resource-intensive. We really need in financial support! So we turned to:

www.boomstarter.ru – Russian сrowdfunding platform like famous www.kickstarter.com
Crowdfunding is the collection of finance to sustain an initiative from a large pool of backers – the "crowd" – usually made online by means of a web platform. The initiative could be a nonprofit campaign (e.g. to raise funds for a school or social service organization), a philanthropic campaign (e.g. for emergency funds for an ill person or to produce an emerging artist), a commercial campaign (e.g. to create and sell a new product) or a financing campaign for a start-up company.

About our project

"Several centuries before the time of the Incas, the inhabitants of the southern Peruvian coastal region created a monument which, being unique in its kind… Its enormous extension and the accurate lines of its contours could remind us of the Pyramids of Egypt. But instead of looking up to a work of monumental three-dimensional simplicity, we look down from great heights on flat surfaces, which over miles are covered with geometric patterns which spread, as if drawn by giants with rulers of hundreds of feet…" – "Mystery on Desert", Maria Reiche, a German mathematician and archaeologist.

If you want to look at this remarkable artefact – just click at GoogleEarth or Wikimapia.

However, if you get a flight over the desert and observe this geometric madness, an answer of meaning of weird schemes and tracks mess is about to strike.

This exact feeling had become a reason for a small research not so long ago. An enormous number of straight lines stretching for many kilometers and geometrically perfect giant figures did not match with ancient heads hunters… Therefore, we wrote the first published research arcticle in the manner of famous follower of paleocontact theory (the ones who believe in visit of ancient intelligence astronauts) by Erich von Daniken.

Surprisingly the publication of research followed by increasing interest and had many feedbacks on alternate history forum.

Following questions and discussion caused a certain responsibility for the provided information. Now, behind us a many years of research on geogliphs, expeditions, publications, interview, a hundreds of gigabytes of photos and videos, contacts with different professions people, website www.arcanafactor.org with huge theme content, first documentary about a famous Perunian architecture artefact – archeological site Sacsayhuaman.

We left paleocontact and aliens way behind us. Obviously those images were crafted during Nazca and Paracas cultures (600 y bc – 600 y ad), most part of image topics primitively were repeated on ceramics and textiles. However, what we actually know about these people? On the one hand, they were at the very beginning stage of social evolution with shocking habits. On the other hand, they created a terrific fabrics and ceramics, built complicated irrigative constructions. Moreover, why ancient people were imposed with a large number of beautifully designed and geometrically perfect figures that may be seen from the high tops?...

Project goals

The idea of the Project is production of documentary film presenting the results of our discovery with the most fascinating photos and videos recorded. We’re aimed to introduce the theme showing what is a real catch and avoid a real fictions.

There are lot of movies, books and articles exploring the theme but most are likely to provide the authors version with evidences – some facts were taken and some were discarded. About tens of thousands of Naska’s lines exist and it’s easy to gather all the “proofs” if you’re willing so.

We’re going to bring the audience to the essence, to show what really happened there so public would come to a natural conclusion. Our main point is to introduce to the watchers what we have discovered and realized. And that is why indeed Naska’s geogliphs are starring our movie.

A thrilling theme is appealing to something unusual and laying beyond our understanding – a mystery that may remain “a secret” forever.

We accustomed to live our comfort and predictable life – a bunch of talented and bright minds made it happen. Our scientists were about to announce that no conspiracies remain undiscovered and small details left in order to complete a full picture of universe. However, a little time passed and we found ourselves in a world full of dark matter and dark energy, a world where scientists are stumped by elementary particles laws and quantum mechanics… Eventually, we have to admit how poor our understanding of small worlds and ancient civilizations that owned a better knowledge of universe that present scientists.

Much likely, those ancient scientists were able to look beyond convenient and safe social description of the world and tried to understand what is there in this infinity...

The destruction of geoglyphs

An irreplaceable geoglyphs damage crippled by people activity is something what pushed us to make this film. Well-known fact that construction of Pan-American highroad destroyed patterns of giant lizard figure.

Today Government secures Nazca plateau and destruction of most geoglyphs is in the past. However, there some geoglyphs remains unsecured. We cannot predict if geoglyphs are on the projected construction’s scheme. Nazca town is located down the river valley with large number of geoglyphs and there is no way to stop the demolition.

Unfortunately, the nature causes damage to geoglyphs too, located in Ica town are blizzard with sand-storms. In 2009, a heavy rains harmed figure (Heavy Rains Damage Peru's Nazca Lines): Cool Science News, The Telegraph.

Authorities in Peru is very sensitive to the antiquities, but unfortunately the process of destruction, though very slow, inevitable.

What we intend to use the raised money

Most of the work already done. We did studies, collected material, made conclusions. Much of what we want to show in the movie was described in the video-lecture on our website. We want to demonstrate it in the documentary using graphics, photo and video material from our trips. But the available video has a more technical nature – was shooted not for a movie and for further learning. Lack of visual material, interviews. Therefore we are preparing a next trip to Peru for more filming. The declared sum will be enough for a two-week trip to finish required tasks.

We plan to apply quadrocoper for shooting from the air, which would greatly enhance the perception and awareness of the purpose of the Nasca lines, it will provide a unique photo and video material. If we will gather up to 500 thousand rubles– we will purchase the necessary equipment for shooting from a height.

Much of the money will be spent on the production of the movie. While working on a documentary about the Sacsayhuaman we have assembled a team of professionals and we will continue to cooperate with them.

Part of the funds will be spent on rewards preparation. One of them is reconstructed using original picture projection 3D model of fantastic creatures "Hands". Photo demonstrates the working time of creation of three-dimensional shape of the clay:

It would be great to collect more of the stated amount of the project – even to 1 mln.rubles! Every expedition (and in our case – in Peru) is a rather expensive project. The budget introduces a restriction on travel time and the opportunities to work on the site. While increasing our budget we will be able to extend the expedition, to expand the area of research, as the territory where the geoglyphs are read from a satellite card is large enough and consists of three cities - Nazca and Ica and Pisco. There are a lot of wonderful private museums. Sometimes these places are perfect to find interesting artifacts. All this will make it possible to collect unique material, to do many findings... The documentary will be immeasurably greater value, will hve more quality content and design, and may consist of several series. We hope you will like our work, the theme of research and movies! And our project will get good support!

Regardless of success on Boomstarter the project will be continued. But the successful completion on Boomstarter will be a powerful impetus for the development of our project, it will allow us to execute our plans in a different, more qualitative level, we will better understand if people are interested in what we do.

We will continue the study of geoglyphs located outside the Nazca lines, and other attractions of Peru, in plans – the story of Mesoamerican civilizations, visiting Egypt, Lebanon Baalbek. These sites  raise many questions in the official science and widely discussed in alternative history. In the framework of our work we would like to express our opinion on these questions. We plane expeditions in Russia and shooting documentaries about the dolmens of the North Caucasus, Crimean cave-towns and others wonderfil sites.

The documentary "The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman"

As a additional bonus we will send a link to the sponsors to documentary "The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman" in high resolution – immediately after the completion of the project. We did English version of this documentary.

Sacsayhuaman is one of the greatest monuments of the ancient Peruvian architecture. In 1983 Sacsayhuaman (as well as the whole city of Cusco) was included into the UNESCO World Heritage List. The complex includes several walls built of megaliths – huge blocks weighing up to several hundreds tons, which have very diverse and complex form, but fitting together perfectly. It still remains a mystery complex purpose and method of its construction.

Early in July 2012 the Ministry of Culture of Peru invited a group of Russian geophysicists to perform a research on the archaeological complex Sacsayhuaman, namely, on the soil problems of the latter. It was widely discussed in Peruvian media: Peru NacionalesLa RepúblicaAndina. There were collected a large number of photo and video materials that were used in production of this documentary.

You can see the results of the project in more detail on our website.

Words of gratitude

We are grateful Boomstarter for creating such a wonderful platform that helps many interesting projects to be implemented in life! And we thank all who will pay attention to our project, see our movies and read articles on the website Arcanafactor! And of course many words of gratitude to the sponsors of the project! Thanks a lot for your support!


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