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  • Sacsayhuaman

    The georadar and the geochemical research of archaeological complex Sacsayhuaman, Cusco, Peru, July 2012.                                            
  • The geoglyphs of Nazca

    The three-dimensional graphics and the Bezier curves embodied by the unknown ancient  architects in the mysterious geoglyphs.                  
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preparation-0701This chapter presents demo videos based on shootings made with the help of our copters (drons) in interesting historical places of Moscow and Moscow region. Besides the fact that these videos demonstrate the possibility of the quality of shooting in high definition, we have tried to make a beautiful and pleasant video clips to view. And we hope that many of you will get acquainted with the presented places more closely and then visit them.

Our next step is expedition to Peru. We will fly to Lima on July 23 and will be there more than one month. Nazca, Paracas and many other ancient sites are waiting us! :)


The Church Of The Sign Of The Blessed Virgin

The Church Of The Sign Of The Blessed Virgin is placed in the ancient manor Dubrovitsy, near Podolsk city, Moscow region. This temple is a unique monument of Russian architecture of the late XVII - early XVIII century, has long been included in the Treasury of world art. High white-stone building in the Baroque style, surrounded by an open gallery, when viewed from above has the form of a cross, and the top of the dome is in the form of a crown. In this photo-report you can see the process of shooting (clip 1, clip 2, clip 3). The place itself and the surrounding nature are simply fantastic and incredibly beautiful!

Kolomenskoe, Moscow

Kolomenskoe is a historical, architectural and natural landscape, Museum-reserve, located in Moscow. The most beautiful Church of the ascension is the highest architectural construction (its height is 62 m) of that time (XV century) in Russia with cone-shaped brick completion, "the tent". There is also reconstructed the wooden Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich. Kolomenskoe is placed on a hill above the Moscow-river. We shot the morning in the rays of the rising sun and were flying under white clouds. This photo-report complements the impression about the shooting. We plan to make a documentary about Kolomenskoye in the future...

The Nature Of The Moscow Region

This is our first trip with copter on nature, initial experiments and shooting clips... :) And first "Ooooh!!!" – what can be a unique and unusual species, to make a "approaching", to show perspective, to turn an ordinary field in the alien landscape!... And fantasy immediately begins to fly across the expanses of Russia and seen the picture – it is possible to to make video here... and here to go... We started to get suggestions to come... Periodically we see descriptions of great places to travel in social networks, news or on different web sites. We will find a lot of new and interesting things with it! We put efforts to produce our video on high art level, as a dreaming... :)

When viewing clips via Youtube you can change the resolution to put HD in the settings and deploy the whole screen – it will be the best viewing experience!

You can see several video clips about copters (drons) flights that were shooting from external side – on our pages in the social networks: Facebook, VKontakte & LinkedIn. You can get an idea of how the copter can fly, move around the object and to be managed...

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